The Cascade Blog

The Journey Toward Accessibility

At Cascade we believe the web is better for everyone when it's built to be accessible by everyone.  While this is a shared value at Cascade, it wasn’t always a priority. As I have shared in a previous blog post, I am on a personal and professional...

A New Website for DHM Research

DHM Research came to Cascade looking to give their team a better way to organize and present their content to the world. The result is an inspiring digital experience that’s easy to use, read, and update.

Cambia Health Foundation Launches New Website

Cambia Health Foundation has a legacy of transforming the health care journey from start to finish. We're excited to share that we've partnered with Smith & Connors to create the brand new Cambia Health Foundation website.

Cascade's New Site

After designing and building our new site from scratch, we wanted to share some insights about how we approached this project to support our company goals.

An Unlikely Collaboration to Create Art for All

We certainly aren’t the only ones embracing large format street art in Portland, but we do love being a part of this exploding trend in our great city.

Putting it all together; how to keep your data safe

What if part of the problem with security is that it's made more complicated than it really needs to be?  Here are five simple steps you can take that make security easier AND more effective. Forget the complex...

Raising the Bar with the Multnomah Bar Association

Our longtime client, The Multnomah Bar Association (MBA) has been serving the local legal and private community for more than 100 years and the time had come to bring their website up to date to match the services they provide. Our challenges included creating a...

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: The Journey Continues

Becoming a B Corp in December 2017 was both an accomplishment and new challenge for Cascade Web Development. On the one hand, we’d earned a place at a table we’d worked hard to achieve through doing things a bit different every day. We quickly realized we...