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Our headquarters—a repurposed railcar from 1947, converted into an office—represents our commitment and understanding of the importance of a sustainable society. At Cascade we make sure to balance work and life, while providing an exciting, creative and sustainable business environment for our team and community.  


In December 2017 Cascade became a Certified B Corporation (B Corp), a process that documents we meet a higher standard of social and environmental performance...we’re like the certified Fair Trade Coffee companies of the web development industry. We’ve joined the ranks of over 2000 companies in 130 industries across 50 countries. And, we’re proud to be part of the Oregon business community that leads the US in Certified companies.

Going through the B Corp Certification was a natural progression for us because we were already living up to many of the standards of social and environmental performance. From our railcar offices, employee benefits and community involvement, we felt it was important to take the additional steps to document our role as leaders in the business and local communities.

Certification also allows us a way to track and continually improve five key areas of operations:

  • Our employee relations, benefits and opportunities for personal growth
  • How our services help our clients be better stewards of the environment and social change
  • Our own environmental impact
  • Our overall business practices
  • Our community involvement

We actively encourage our clients and partners to take the B Corp assessment and look to build relationships with more B Corps in the future. If you’d like to see our B Corp Certification scorecard and to learn more about joining the B Corp movement in “using business as a force for good”, visit Cascade's B Corp Scorecard.


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