Student Support Site

Custom Built Web Application

Oregon Episcopal School came to us with a series of unique needs. They needed an online intranet platform that would serve as a way for teachers and staff to share messages and plans about student growth, both inside and out of the classroom.

We built them a solution using React, a powerful, fast, and modern frontend framework that's powered by the flexibility, scalability, and security of our content management system, Evergreen.

The Right Tools for the Job

Arguably the most important factor of a secure, internally focused solution is whether it actually gets used. We knew that it was critical that the solution built for OES be fast and intuitive. We decided to build their site using a modern frontend framework that could provide lighning-quick page load time and push a lot of the logic that normally would be processed on the server up to the browser. This meant that Evergreen, which is already optimized for speed, could be released to handle the data while the browser takes care of generating the frontend. From the tools chosen all the way up to the custom layouts we designed for the task, the Student Support dashboard delivers.

Designed With Security At Its Core

The staff at OES cares deeply about the privacy of their students. In addition to being usable, the Student Support dashboard required security in many forms. Because Evergreen was built with the goal of security and scalabilty, it's the perfect platform to host this sensitive data... but it doesn't stop there. The solution is only accessible from the school's IP address, requires an authenticated login using Active Directory, and grants access of each student's profile only to the staff members who need it— all easily managed by the IT team at the school.

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