Northwest Woodslayer, Beautifully Custom

Q: At what point does a business outgrow its “turnkey” website? 
A: When the scalability or functionality offered no longer matches the work or product produced by the company. 

In this case, Northwest Woodslayer had outgrown the functionality of their previous website and required a fresh, more sophisticated look that matched the detailed quality of their work. We quickly needed to familiarize ourselves with the brand and establish some overall goals. Since the work produced by the skilled craftsmen of Woodslayer is so beautiful and custom, we couldn’t exactly build off a template. Using a number of other industry sites we designed the basic framework from which we would build. We focused on 3 key elements that would help the user quickly look through the galleries and be inspired to contact the team for more information. ⬇️
Beautifully Large Images
This is a must-have in a Pintrest-trained world. We all love scrolling through images. Images can inspire, encourage, and help give direction to the user. Woodslayer had folders full of professional quality images which helps give tremendous credibility to their work.
There’s a number of ways to present images to a viewer. Ultimately, these galleries needed a method of grouping. The first group would be based on a “Project.” These projects were typically named by either the location in which they were built or the client’s name. This gives the viewer the opportunity to see the whole scope of the project and the overall ability that is inherent to Woodslayer. The second grouping is based on a “Category.” If you were looking to remodel your kitchen, for example, this would be the gallery for you. You can efficiently slide between all the kitchen images and gather ideas and preferences for your project. We built intuitive filtering tags at the top of the category page to facilitate this. 

Making cabinets art.

Woodslayer is a masterful woodworking company that specializes in creating premium custom cabinetry and other unique home solutions. Their devotion to detail and quality is evident in every piece they handcraft, making them a top pick for those who crave exceptional craftsmanship.

Cascade Web Development collaborated with Woodslayer to create a stunning website that showcases their breathtaking work. The site features awe-inspiring photographs of their masterpieces, as well as extensive information about their process and materials. With its sleek, contemporary design and intuitive navigation, the Woodslayer website is a true reflection of the company's unwavering commitment to excellence. Whether you have an eye for design or a deep appreciation for superior woodworking, a visit to the Woodslayer website is a must.

See for yourself.. visit the Woodslayer site!
In 1951 a man named Ingvar Kamprad put together a catalog with images of furniture and other home goods. It was the first IKEA catalog to be specific. This was the inspiration behind the “Image Detail Tag”. This responsive tag allows Woodslayer admins to offer more specific information about a particular item in a photo, such as a technique or material used to create what you see in the image. 
We’re honored to partner with clients like Northwest Woodslayer and look forward to continued innovation on the site and growth as they rock the custom cabinetry world with excellence in an unconventional package. 

Visit to check out the their site!!

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