The Deschutes Fresh Family

Deschutes is probably one of the most iconic, O.G., Pacific Northwest brew brands out there and we get to call them clients. Shoot, I think we may even be bold enough to call them friends.

The team at Deschutes reached out to us late this last summer with a few unique asks. They had just invested in a bold new campaign and needed some updates to their website. The Fresh Family campaign is bright, full of color, and spills a youthful vibe all over the place. In fact, despite the artistic competition, it’s difficult to go down the beer aisle and NOT see the Fresh Family labels!

With short notice and on the heels of this fun campaign, we were tasked with designing and developing a new “whizbang” for their homepage hero and a unique landing page using new blocks.
[See below for proper "whizbang" definition. :)]
    A resounding success
    “Dan was a whiz-bang at mechanical things”

    Lively or sensational: fast-paced
    “A whiz-bang publicity campaign”


(Homepage Hero - This is the first block a visitor sees so we call it the ‘hero.’ It typically consists of an image or video, title and subtitle, and a button. This block is basically a large CTA.) Using assets from the Deschutes Fresh Family campaign we created a series of playful graphics that animated onto the screen. The bounces, twists, and spins help reveal the energetic personalities of each IPA family member and invite further exploration on the site.  "When I first saw the art that Deschutes had created for the family, I was stoked. It looked like it was designed to be moving, just look at the splashes and drips! It screamed “Juicy!". So I thought it needed to be represented that way on the website." Simon

Clicking on the homepage hero takes you to the landing page where the Family members open up to quotes and a few facts. Also, as part of the user flow, the “Meet Me” CTA links to the prefilled Beer Finder. All-in-all, the animation helped the Deschutes team bring the family to life. 

Check out the landing page

This is a great example of what's possible within the Evergreen platform. But also, the capability of the developers at Cascade Web Dev. Of course, it doesn't hurt to work with some fun brands with excellent content!

*Kudos to the Deschutes team! We look forward to the next project!*