Creating Singular Vision Projects

Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like the ability for a team to follow a singular path from concept to completion is being challenged in our remotely connected world. More specifically, the use of communication tools without guardrails. This can often inadvertently give a green light to gridlock the process. All the steps within a project should be filtered through the original and single vision. 


Guardrails can consist of some of the following:

It can be difficult to go back a phase once the project has moved forward. This can cause major delays and typically creates a ripple effect throughout the entire project.


Let’s use a domestic example like making dinner for your family. It could be a fairly simple task but everyone has a different appetite. it all started when you send out a text message asking, “What should we have for dinner?” A second later you receive a text from your 15-year-old son, “I want hamburgers with steak fries.” Then a few minutes later you get a text from your spouse, “I’d like lasagna, garden salad, and garlic bread.” Then an hour goes by. It’s closer to dinner time now and you finally hear from your daughter. “I’m thinking of soup. I don’t really care, you pick.” This is almost exactly what it’s like when feedback is offered by a committee without the proper guardrails. Just like family dynamics dictate communication methods in your home, project feedback and communication in the office should be dictated by a singular vision.

It’s no secret that building an effective team of department representatives or stakeholders will help create a better product while avoiding any project silos. Especially while many work remotely and lack any face-to-face interactions as a group. By including them early in a project, they will have the necessary time to evaluate the overall needs and goals unique to their respective field of knowledge but it’ll also lay the foundation that supports a singular vision. 


Team leads should practice the following:  


Establishing these terms and feedback guardrails will help you manage the overall vision and maintain project integrity in the hopes of eliminating member frustration. 

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Simon Hartt


Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash