Payment System Integrations

Have the words “Payment System Integration” ever come out of your mouth? Most likely not.

I can promise, however, that you’ve sat through a commercial for one of the processing companies offering an “easy” solution that made the lives of the actors in the commercials so much better. The reason these companies made the actor’s lives better is simply that taking online payments can be difficult, confusing, and somewhat stressful. It’s an obvious marketing pain-point focus.

Fortunately for us, and our clients, Evergreen has worked great with almost any processor that offers an API/SDK (Application Programming Interface / Software Development Kit). We’ve worked a lot lately with clients seeking solutions for the sites and maybe it’s because our world is going increasingly online. Maybe it’s because we are still amid a global pandemic where “touchless” is becoming more the norm. 

Here are a few questions we thought we’d get answered, just in case you were thinking it;

Q: Can EG accept payments? If so, which payment methods and who do you suggest? Why?
A: Absolutely. In fact, we’ve been integrating with payment systems for years now. We’ve worked with Stripe,, Paypal, and more. We even worked directly with the Visa developers on one of our first integrations. 

Q: How much work does it take to set up?
A: That all depends on what needs to be done. While executing a simple transaction can be relatively easy, most solutions have unique requirements specific to the client’s needs. This can include related functionality like inventory or bookkeeping. Compliance with credit card industry standards also needs to be taken into account to better ensure transactions are secure.

Q: I want to make sure that it looks like my site and brand. Is that something we can do? 
A: Certainly. Most payment processors understand the trust and user flow requirements that come with a brand. Maintaining a consistent look and feel through an e-commerce transaction can usually be achieved by using templating features offered by the processor or API integrations where the website interacts with the processor behind the scenes in a way that doesn’t require the visitor to navigate or be taken away from the original site.

Q: How do the processors charge? 
A: Once again, it depends. Some processors charge anywhere between 1.4%-3.5% (depending on sales volume) + $0.30+/- per transaction. Some of the processors also have setup fees and a monthly service charge. But many offer different tiers based on sales volume. So it’s all very customizable for your specific needs. 

There are always going to be other aspects to consider to a fully integrated system. Like we mentioned above; inventory, bookkeeping, but also shipping and returns. This is why we think Evergreen is so great. We have the flexibility to offer solutions to all these potential barriers. 

If you have any questions about adding, changing or integrating with a payment processing system, please give us a call or shoot us an email!