Putting it all together; how to keep your data safe

What if part of the problem with security is that it's made more complicated than it really needs to be?  Here are five simple steps you can take that make security easier AND more effective.
  1. Forget the complex password (because you probably already have).  Instead of using long strings of random characters that you probably won't remember anyway (cause that's not how brains work), use a play on some phrase that has some meaning to you.  "pLaza lAnce qUebec!", as an example, is actually more difficult to crack than something like  "c!-Kj90eE".  
  2. Use a simple password manager like Lastpass, 1password, or the free Dashlane to generate, securely store, and autofill your unique passwords for the various services you use.
  3. Use 2FA (two factor authentication) with a free & easy to use utility like Google Authenticator or Authy.  If a password is ever compromised, this will very likely prevent you from becoming a statistic in the next "largest data leak ever!" news story. 
  4. Sign in with Facebook?  NO.
  5. Do all of the above. Use a phrase that's easy for you to remember as the master password on your chosen password manager that you've also enabled 2FA on. Use that password manager to generate whatever phrases or complex passwords it wants to for all your other services (you only have to remember that on master password / phrase - the Password Manager remembers the rest for you). And use 2FA on all of those services that offer it.