Ecommerce: Focus on Dealers

If your brand sells beyond ecommerce whether it’s through dealers or other sites, there are considerations to keep in mind when it comes to marketing, dealer relations and pricing. A few we like to discuss in the strategy and planning process with our clients include:

1. What are potential or existing promotions and how are these presented? Are there marketing campaigns created around specific product groups or by season?

2. Are there customer loyalty programs? Are you taking advantage of the information gathered through such programs to create email marketing campaigns and other promotional opportunities?

3. Are you “competing” with your retailers? Is your online price higher than your retailers’?

4. Is there a Dealer Portal? If so, what’s its purpose? To offer product training? Special promotions? Merchandising support?

5. Is there a Media Portal to provide product details, hi res images and other content to make it easy for PR outlets to write about your products?


Developing a site that works well for your customers is key, but it should also include the same ease of use for your retailers, marketing partners and public relations contacts. These are just a few of the factors that go into creating a site that satisfies multiple challenges. Download our comprehensive guide to ecommerce for more thoughts on creating and maximizing your ecomm program. If you have a specific ecom challenges, drop us a line.