Back to school with Central Catholic High School

central catholic websiteJust in time for the new school year we launched a new site for the Portland’s Central Catholic High School (CCHS). The old site was showing its age...difficult to navigate and not mobile friendly. The new site, built on Cascade’s Evergreen platform is mobile friendly, scaling to any screen. Additionally, the navigation was simplified to improve the visitor experience.

As a long term Cascade client, CCHS has been running on our Evergreen platform, but this next generation of the site added the use of Evergreen’s newest feature, Content Blocks. “We’ve been able to implement some interactive call to actions, some accordion style dropdowns that hide the heavy text content to avoid a lot of scrolling,” said Christina Kempster, Communications Coordinator for CCHS. “The biggest thing for me was to figure how how we can showcase all the photos that are coming in from all the various school activities in a meaningful way. We’ve implemented a photo slider so that our pages come to life with what’s going on at Central Catholic.”

The site serves as a resource for a wide variety of audiences; current students and parents, perspective students and parents, a large alumni base, donors and others. Taking into account all of their needs was an interesting challenge. We created a solution for CCHS that allows easy posting for multiple departments and leaves room for expansion in the coming years.