Ecommerce: Customer Buying Process

Ecomm shopping cart abandonment rates hover around 70%. While there’s a fair amount of window shopping that is factored into that stat, the top reason for leaving a cart “extras costs too high.” That includes fees, tax and shipping. Other reasons for dropping out are the need to create an account, being too complicated or not calculating all costs up front. Given that there are so many factors that can cause people to abandon the cart, here are some important considerations to keep in mind while building or improving your customer buying process:

1. Is a customer login required? How much information will they be required to provide?

2. Are there discounts to factor in such as loyalty rewards, volume pricing or coupons?

3. What service is used for the cart? Is it a 3rd party internal or external cart or, perhaps a custom solution.

4. What 3rd party integrations are necessary for transaction security and legitimacy?

5. What’s the return process from both the customer’s experience and a financial/inventory tracking perspective.


There’s much more to consider and we’ve outlined it in greater detail. Download our comprehensive guide to ecommerce or share it with a colleague. If you have a specific challenge, drop us a line. We live for these challenges!