New Brand for Tonkon Torp

The first site we built for Tonkon was before the mobile responsive revolution. They had a wealth of content we were tasked with importing from their old site that reached back many years. Through strategy, we helped Tonkon build a well-structured site that allowed visitors easy access to their library of legal alerts, case studies, and articles through a series of complex relationships between the types of content on the site. The result was a site structure that lasted years, enabling Tonkon's marketing team to continue to build on the resources provided on the site, but with a design that aged quickly.

In Late 2017, Tonkon began the process of a full rebrand, which included a new site design. Tonkon partnered with Conveyor to assist in the design, copywriting, and content direction for the new site. Cascade worked closely with Conveyor and their design team, from the wireframe phase through final development, to ensure that the new site was fully mobile responsive from the ground up, and gave Tonkon the flexibility and structure we knew they needed.
Design Mockup Final Mobile-Responsive Site
Content strategy was no small task on this law firm website. Over the course of time, the amount of valuable pages on Tonkon's site was well into the thousands. Because we built the previous site, we were well positioned to migrate the content to the new site we built completely from scratch, using our latest tools for content mangement such as Content Blocks. What came out of the redesign and rebuild process was the result of years of knowledge that Cascade brought to the table, knowing Tonkon's need for flexible, dynamic, and prolific content management tools.  The result was a beautiful new site, designed to adapt to any screen size, allowing Tonkon's team to continue to publish rich content on the web in a structured manner, completely accessible to visitors and clients.
Old Site New Site

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