High security and collaboration drive Tonkon.com’s mobile-friendly site


High security and collaboration drive Tonkon.com’s mobile-friendly site

“The Content Blocks tool is really easy...being able to drag and drop, prioritize content, having buttons to choose how things displays removes redundancies we had in our old site. It’s so much more streamlined for us now.”
Jeremy Tideman, Marketing and Communications Specialist • Tonkon Torp LLP

Tonkon Torp LLP is one of Portland’s largest law firms. We’ve had the honor or working with them for almost a decade. The latest iteration of their site was driven by the need to create a mobile-friendly site that allowed for better organization of a massive amount of content, much of which was migrated from the previous site.  This new site was also a critical brand activation of the refreshed brand. Additionally, we partnered with two complementary agencies, Gist Brands, which lead the charge with a new brand look, and Conveyor, responsible for a new content strategy. Another component to consider from the start was the need to incorporate six different 3rd party software interfaces to fit seamlessly into the the overall design.

Given that this project involved three agencies each with their own expertise, we took the lead on the technical strategy, which included wireframe prototypes, information architecture and module outlines to ensure all necessary content was organized in a user-friendly format. In addition to new brand messaging and content, we accommodated more than 15,000 existing pages that needed an organizational structure that was easy to navigate.

Communications was a key part of our strategy to ensure our development was in concert with Gist’s brand work and Conveyor’s content strategy.

The centerpiece of our part of the solution was to put our Content Blocks to work. This proprietary content management tool provides flexibility in page layout with blocks of dynamic content while maintaining graphics standards set by Gist. As with any site from Cascade,  the new Tonkon site is mobile friendly. The administrative interface received a major upgrade that makes adding frequently updated information such as news bulletins, published articles and attorney biographies quick and easy.

We worked closely with teams from each of the 3rd party software integrations to provide a solution that allows customizable access points for attorneys, clients and staff on multiple platforms while maintaining a rock solid secure environment.

This wasn’t our first project partnering with other agencies or integrating multiple 3rd party programs under one comprehensive site to deliver on client needs. We enjoy these types of collaborations that help our clients achieve their goals, especially when they involve complex solutions.

If you’re interested in learning more about our work with Tonkon, or have a multifaceted digital challenge requiring high security, let’s talk.

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