Collaboration makes tourism site picture perfect.

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Collaboration makes tourism site picture perfect.

The Astoria Chamber of Commerce (ACC), the driving force behind, has been a longstanding client of Cascade. We’ve really enjoyed supporting their efforts to promote tourism in this northern Oregon coastal town widely beloved for its charm and the iconic 80’s movie, The Goonies.  

When we were approached by our creative partners about a brand refresh and site redesign, we accepted without hesitation. To activate a refreshed brand from Portland’s Robeson Design and Maxwell PR, the ACC wanted to update their existing site with a the new look and make some technology updates. Our challenge was to create a mobile-first site that supports large format images showcasing the beauty of the coast as well as a modular format for easy and frequent content updates.

Given that we were trying to evolve their existing site platform, which was at odds with the large format images of the new brand style, our plan was to revamp the front end using our Content Blocks tool.   Content Blocks allowed the new design to shine without having to build the site from scratch. This allowed them to leverage the investments made over the years and apply it to the new site. This was extremely helpful in extending their budget to achieve their goals. Given our ability to keep much of the back end intact, we were able to direct the project budget on updating the front end brand aesthetic and new functionality.

Our Content Blocks tool proved to be the best solution for the challenge of building off the existing site. On the front end, it allowed for the larger images and effective management of dynamic content throughout site sans the need for restrictive templates. Additionally, we streamlined the site map to deliver on the mobile-first design goal. The new brand’s style guides are supported while making updates to features such as events, newsfeed, newsletter sign up and social channels.

Working in conjunction with Robeson on the design elements and Maxwell PR on the content allowed us to bring technical solutions that supported the client’s message that Astoria is a picture perfect coastal destination.

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In the year after launch pages which highlight local businesses and things to do in the area are up: 
Trip Ideas are up 84.74% and the time spent on those pages has increased by 276.81%
Traffic to the pages highlighting local restaurants are up 72.32%
Traffic to pages highlighting local lodging are up 75.44%

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