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Buff® USA (located in CA with parent company HQ in Spain) specializes in head and neckwear for active and casual use. Buff® found themselves in a familiar place for many current brands: they had an older, non-mobile friendly site with a rapidly growing mobile customer base. What began as a plan to fix the immediate need and make their existing site responsive evolved into what you see today: a full redesign and new migration to the evergreen CMS. In addition to the new paint job, the Buff® site includes an overhaul of the user shopping experience. This included a completely new navigation, product filter structure, and overall presentation of product list and detail pages. 
Thanks to the Buff®, Netsuite, Foghorn Labs [SEO/SEM], and Cyphon Design teams for their awesome work on the project.
2100 SE Water Ave
P: 503.517.2700
PO BOX 196