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Buff’s ecomm program puts Cascade’s skills to the test in both flexibility and security.

“We had a challenge in that we have a great product and a great brand, we didn’t have a lot of real estate to message all the amazing messages we had...technology, athletes, videos to promote. An editable page format we can change from our end was the solution. (Cascade) brought to the table the Content Blocks concept and it was spot on.”

Drew Olin, Ecommerce and Digital Marketing Manager • BUFF USA

The Challenge

Our long-time ecommerce client Buff USA was looking for new ways to create content landing pages, as well as calls-to-action on the home page, which tied to different product pushes. Additionally, they wanted to employ our Content Blocks tool to easily rearrange, add or remove content. These updates also required a more mobile-friendly shopping experience from what they have had in the past.


BUFF dedicates significant resources toward winning at direct to consumer sales via their website while also supporting a healthy wholesale business through trusted retail partners. Our strategy was to create a web solution involves a complex integration between our proprietary Evergreen development platform and NetSuite, an enterprise ERP and wholesale distribution system. This integration drastically reduces the amount of content management needed on the site by importing significant amounts of product information from NetSuite. NetSuite also handles the Custom BUFF ordering process, shopping cart and checkout processes. While 3rd party software integrations always come with challenges, we’ve been able to help the brand leverage the NetSuite toolset to maximize operational efficiencies and reduce costs across web and internal operations.

The front end of the site needed to have flexible landing pages so the strategy relied heavily on our Content Blocks. We were able to create dynamic parallax views and video capability to provide a visually interesting ways to showcase product. The site back end required some additional functionality to ensure a seamless user experience regardless of the viewer’s screen size or type.

The Solution

The most flexible solution came by implementing our Content Blocks. This required clearly defining the various ways the Blocks were going to be used and creating a back end that was intuitive and still held style tools to keep consistency within all product pages. Additionally, we created a format that allows for customized landing pages that support video and other lifestyle content.

Just before the start of ski and holiday season, the site came under attack from an unrelenting foreign hacker. Cascade had to act quickly to shift the site’s security to minimize service interruption. The result is a well protected site with standards in place to prevent future hacking attempts.

If you’re interested in learning more about our work with Buff USA, or have a digital challenge, let’s talk.

Our role

3rd Party Integration

The results

Web sales increased over 29% from 2017 to 2018
Sessions with ecomm transactions increased by 20.46% from 2017 to 2018
Amount of sessions have increased by 7.90% from 2017 to 2018
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