Portland Business Alliance's Redesigned Site Offers New Tools for Engaging the City

Over the summer we worked with the Portland Business Alliance (PBA) in an effort to redesign their site to better meet the needs of their organization moving into the future. With a busy marketing team, they need a content management system that is custom taylored to let them generate robust content that is timely and fresh, all with minimal effort. Given that their site was built using Evergreen, this gave us the chance to further add on to what we had built for them, making it even more capable to meet their needs.

One of the new features of Portland Business Alliance's freshly redeisgned site is a comment generator that the Alliance can use to collect feedback from members of the community about relevant topics, and send those messages to elected officials. This unique tool is built with many dynamic parts— the marketing team at PBA can deploy pages, dubbed Policy Initiatives, in a timely fashion to issues that the Alliance advocates for. These advocacy pages dynamcially contain relevant news articles, trending topics posted throught the site, quotes, and reports. In addition to the dynamic content that can be easily displayed on each Policy Intiative page, there are a few calls to action available to be easily included— quick links to join related committees, sign up for newsletters to stay informed, or gather feedback using the comment generator.

The Oregonian caught wind of PBA's first use of the comment generator and its campaign to advocate for better commuting in Portland, and the form has solicited feedback from hundreds of people 

A major part of the redesign effort was also making the site mobile responsive, a critical feature for websites. Traffic from mobile phones has increased over 200% since the site launched.

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