Building the “Web” of Relationships

The business of Cascade Web Development is built on relationships. In a world increasingly tied to tech, we’re big believers in the preservation and cultivation of human-to-human engagement. The impact of our business philosophy reaches beyond clients and partners. The Cascade approach, to overcome the barriers of tech, helps forge new relationships between our clients’ clients and their partners, to achieve profound results.
Our work is truly building the “web” of relationships.
One of our favorite examples began with a website project for a startup, that quickly became the world’s leading handball brand,  Edtl Handball. The relationship later blossomed into a strong partnership with the company’s founder, Ben Edtl.
Ben is a serial entrepreneur.  Which translates into a full-spectrum of business leadership experience from failure to success, across a blend of industries from high-tech to consumer products and manufacturing. Additionally, he went through a personal crisis and life transformation that inspired him to help mature companies break through revenue ceilings using his organizational restructuring process: the Formula for Market Change™.  
Over the years, Ben has partnered exclusively with Cascade Web Development to execute numerous organizational restructures that led to millions of dollars in revenue growth and listings in the Oregon Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies list, by the Portland Business Journal.
“I work with Cascade Web Development because they are an A grade partner. I can count on them, every time, to deliver a superior, powerful and scalable platform to boost revenue growth.”
- Ben Edtl
                  Serial Entrepreneur, Organizational Change Agent and Talk Show Host

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