USERS Create New User

  1. Once the user has logged into an admin account, he/she will be presented with the following default screen (note: the presence of certain ‘Modules’ may vary depending on company).
  2. Before navigating away from the Create New User screen (i.e. clicking the Content Manager or Template Manager for instance), be sure to save your edits by clicking the Save button. If this step is not taken prior to exiting User Manager, your edits will be lost and/or your new user account will fail to be successfully created.
  3. To create a new user, first click User Manager. The menu will expand to include the options List & Edit Users and Create New User. Click Create New User.
  4. Once clicked, the user will be presented with the following screen.
  5. The Username field corresponds with the name which will appear next to all creations or edits through Evergreen authored by that particular user. It will also be used as the user's login I.D. This is a required field.
  6. The Password field is where the initial password for the new user account will be entered. This password may be changed by either its owner (the user for whom this account is being created for) or by an administrator at any time once the account has been created. See Edit User Profile (bottom half of page) for more details. This is a required field.
  7. The Confirm Password field is made available to reenter the previous password. This step is intended to safeguard against typos or other inconsistencies which could cause login errors. This is a required field.
  8. The First Name, Last Name, and Email fields correspond with information unique to the individual user. These are required fields.
  9. The Group drop-down menu associates the user with a given set of permissions according to their responsibilities.
  10. The permission sets are organized in the dropdown menu in descending order according to authority:

    - The Developers group grants complete access to evergreen's features.
    - The Site Administrators group grants access to every feature with the exception of Section Manager.
    - The Content Administrators group is the most restricted of all groups, permitting the user access to only the Content Manager feature.
  11. The Timeout field accepts a positive integer between 60 and 120 corresponding with the number of minutes before an idle user will be automatically logged out of his/her account. This is a security measure intended to protect against unauthorized agents hijacking access to the backend of your site via a temporarily abandoned computer.
  12. To complete the Create New User task, simply click the Save button to add this user account to the evergreen system.