Resize Image Using PIXLR

  1. Introduction As our clients start to feel more comfortable working with the evergreen Content Management System, we encounter more and more instances of content managers needing to resize images for web display but not having the experience to do so. This tutorial will seek to empower these users with a step by step guide to resizing images in the free online app, Pixlr.
  2. Open your favorite internet browser. *For most internet users, this would be Internet Explorer.
  3. Once Internet Explorer has loaded, you'll want to load the Pixlr web app by entering into the address bar.
  4. Once Pixlr has loaded, locate the image on your computer by clicking the Pixlr File menu >Open and locating the image on your local system
  5. Now you should be looking at your image in Pixlr. Take our image of David Bowie for example. Suppose I'm told (or I've concluded) that this image needs to be of width 100 pixels or less to be displayed on our company ½s website.
  6. Now, simply click the Image menu >Image Size and input 100 into the Width field (making sure the Constrain proportions box is checked)
  7. Click Ok
  8. Now all you have to do is Save your new image by clicking the Pixlr File menu >Save to your local system. Voila! Your new image should be 100px wide, just like you needed. Play around with this tool until you feel comfortable enough to go it alone. It can be a great set of skills when you really want to take ownership of your website.