Resize Image Using MS PAINT

  1. Introduction As our clients start to feel more comfortable working with the evergreen Content Management System, we encounter more and more instances of content managers needing to resize images for web display but not having the experience to do so. This tutorial will seek to empower these users with a step by step guide to resizing images in Microsoft Paint, the standard photo editing program preinstalled on all Windows XP machines.
  2. Click on Start, All Programs, Accessories, Paint
  3. Once Paint has loaded, you will need to find the image which needs resizing by clicking File, Open
  4. Locate the image on your computer and click Ok Now you should be looking at your image in Microsoft Paint. Take our image of David Bowie for example.
  5. Suppose I'm told (or I've concluded) that this image needs to be of width 100 pixels or less to be displayed on our company's website. Since Microsoft Paint does not permit you to resize an image by pixels, I'll have to meet this 100 pixel requirement by percentages. A little math is involved, but nothing too scary.
  6. To know what percentage we'll need to reduce our image's size by, we�ll first need to know its current dimensions. Click on Image, Attributes for this information. Our image is reported to be 378pxw X 454pxh. Write these down. Since my constraint is a width of 100px or less, I need to perform the following division:
  7. Now that we have the percentage value, go to Image, Stretch/Skew ½
  8. In the Stretch section, input this percentage in both the Width and the Height fields. Click Ok.
  9. Now, our image should be resized proportionately. To check whether we've met our goal of 100px or less, click Image, Attributes. Because I rounded down when calculating my ratio, I've made it just below my limit at 99px.
  10. Play around with this tool until you feel comfortable enough to go it alone. It can be a great set of skills when you really want to take ownership of your website.