Insert Images

  1. First you must find the page that you would like to add an image to. Click the List & Edit Pages link in the PAGES module and you should be presented with a screen that shows all of the pages to your site:
  2. As you roll your mouse over the different pages, they are highlighted in yellow and display options on the right hand side to either EDIT, VIEW, or DELETE. In this instance, we are going to EDIT in order to add an image
  3. Next, place your blinking text cursor where you would like to insert your image. For the purposes of this tutorial, we are intending to place our image to the right of the"Social Media" title, so that is where we are placing our blinking cursor.
  4. Click the Image button on the tools strip.
  5. And you will see a dialog box pop up:
  6. By default, the URL field is highlighted. To the right of the field, click on the "Browse Server" button in order to locate the image you want to insert. This will open up your Assets where you can see the images you have.
  7. *** If folder is empty, click the Upload Image icon in the toolbar to add images
  8. Once you have selected the image you would like to insert, double click on the image and it will bring you back to the original dialog box. But notice that in the URL field that was empty before, there is the location of the image you chose as well as a preview of that image.
  9. If wanted, you can add options (located to the left of the preview) such as: - custom height and width - border around the image - Hspace (space surrounding the image on the left of image) - Vspace (space surrounding the image on the top of image) Click OK to insert image into page content
  10. Now you will see your image in the space where your cursor was at the beginning of this tutorial. Be sure to Save prior to exiting the editing pane.