Hyperlink text

  1. To insert a hyperlink into the content area of a preexisting page, first click CONTENT MANAGER then select LIST AND EDIT PAGES.
  2. Once clicked, the user will be presented with the list of that site's webpages. Find the webpage you intend to edit and click on the View/Edit link. You will be presented with a screen something like this:
  3. To hyperlink text:

    - Highlight the text you intent to hyperlink.
    - With this text highlighted, click the hyperlink button on the toolbar.
  4. After clicking the hyperlink button from the toolbar, the following dialog box will appear:
  5. For our purposes, we will link YOUR COMPANY to our homepage at http://www.cascadewebdev.com/. This will be accomplished by either pasting this link directly into the field labeled URL. Click OK After clicking ok, remove the highlighting from your text by clicking anywhere within the content editing pane. Your new hyperlink should look something like this: