web development

clean and simple

If there’s one thing we hear most about our web tools it’s that they’re clean and simple. Our clients are often delighted to learn that we’ve taken complex business rules and built them into simple solutions. We only focus on the functions you really need, and strive to develop websites and web-based tools that solve complex problems with the least amount of options to improve efficiencies. We strive for simplicity. Our clients know that they can call us with those “wouldn’t it be great if…” requests and expect results.

Cascade uses a wide range of tools and technologies to bring simplicity to your project. Our programmers are fluent in Classic ASP, PHP, ASP.NET, HTML5, SQL, MySQL, Cold Fusion, XML, CSS, Javascript, JSON, JQuery and much more. 

development expertise

Content & Data Management Systems (CMS)
Project Management
Remote Collaboration
Community/Communication Tools
Customer Relation Management (CRM)
Responsive design
Smart Apps